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Lanzarote - One Of The Fortunate Islands
The "Fortunate Islands" is the name which was given to the Canary Islands - seven habited islands off the northwest coast of Africa. "Fortunate" because they are blessed with an almost ideal year-round climate due in the main to the warming influence of the Gulf-Stream and favourable trade winds.
Playa Blanca And The Coastline Of Lanzarote
Playa Blanca occupies most of the southern coast of Lanzarote. A glance at any map of the island will show you the unique nature of this coastline.
map showing the bays and coves of Playa Blanca
It consists of one huge 9 or 10 kilometre bay which, in turn shelters 3 other bays - each extensive in itself. In their turn, these shelter other smaller coves, beaches and inlets.

A promenade, starting in the west (near the lighthouse on Punta de Pechiguera) meanders along by the edge of the sea, passing beautiful golden beaches, until it approaches Papagayo.
The rightly famous area of Papagayo is in the southeast corner of Lanzarote. It is such an area of great natural beauty that no building is allowed. It consists of half a dozen beautiful golden beaches interspersed with rocky headlands. The beaches have the reputation of being some of the most beautiful in the whole of Spain and the Spanish Islands.

Access to the Papagayo beaches can be gained by walking, driving or by the more unusual but delightful way of a sea taxi from Playa Blanca's small but busy harbour.
Other Beaches
Although Papagayo boasts the best beaches in Lanzarote, Playa Blanca has other 'blue flag' beaches ('blue flag' meaning that you can depend on their cleanliness). Playa Blanca ('white beach') takes it's name from the small but delightful beach in (what was) the old fishing village, but is now a thriving little centre with a vehicle free shopping centre and restaurants.
Sea Views
Just some six miles across the Atlantic Ocean to the south is the larger island of Fuerteventura - with the tiny island of Lobos in front of it. These islands take up about half of Playa Blanca's seascape. Sometimes the islands are shrouded in mist, whilst, at others, it seems that you could almost swim across. They create an unbelievably beautiful scene.
The Mountains And The Promenade
The mountains are extinct volcanoes - resulting from Lanzarote's turbulent past. There are over 300 of them if anybody is counting.

Playa Blanca itself does not have too many. The most notable is Montaña Roja (the red mountain), which is readily accessible and can be climbed in very short order. It is worth making the effort to do so because the views are magnificent.

Another range of mountains separates Playa Blanca from the remainder of Lanzarote. These are for the more adventurous. They provide a 'backdrop' to Playa Blanca - creating majestic scenery, especially as the sun and the clouds drift over them.

With the mountains and the miles-long promenade, those who enjoy walking will be in their element here. If you were to walk from Punta de Pechiguera in the west to Punta Papagayo in the east it would take you a little over two hours. The majority of people hire a car for the duration of their holiday and all points on the southern coast are easily accessible by car.
Centre For Visits To Other Islands
With such a huge natural harbour, you would expect that Playa Blanca would have it's own harbour to connect it to other worlds. And so it has. Ferries leave regularly, destined for Fuerteventura - which you can visit for a day, or for such longer period which you might be inclined to do.
The Rest Of Lanzarote
You could happily spend the whole of your holiday in Playa Blanca, but Lanzarote has so much more to offer. The geography is unique, perhaps in the world. Where else would you see over 300 extinct volcanoes in such a small space (the island is only about 36 miles long by 12 miles wide at the widest place). Visit the "Fire Mountains" for an unforgettable experience.

The Island Council has developed seven centres of Art, Culture and Tourism, which illustrate the island's beauty and uniqueness.
Quiet and Peaceful, Despite It's Popularity
You would not think that, with all it's popularity, Playa Blanca would be the quiet and peaceful place which it is. This is not a place for those who want a riotous time, but more for those who want to enjoy the scenery, the bathing, the walking - in fact, relaxing generally.

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